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  • a Unique therapeutic program in a home like environment

    House of Hope exists to RENEW, RESTORE & RELEASE minor females in Georgia who have been freed out of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and to fight the factors that allow trafficking to thrive. 

    House of Hope is a 501(c)3 faith-based therapeutic Maximum Watchful Oversight (MWO) safe house with a 12 month program - a place of refuge and recovery - for girls traumatized by sex trafficking or are at risk for becoming sex trafficking victims. 

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  • hope changes everything for survivors of trauma

    In our first 3 years of operation, HOH has seen:


    • 16 girls graduate

    • 7 girls receive their GED

    • 2 receive their HS diploma

    • 2 enter college

    • 3 girls decide life and carry their babies to term

    • Multiple girls give their life to Christ

    • Multiple girls partner with local job partnerships and save money

    • Multiple girls reunite with family after trauma is dealt with

    • 4 girls graduate from our program to ILP (Independent Living Program) to progress even more

    What each girl comes to HOH with is little hope and

    they leave with a life filled with HOPE!


    We are now working with a 3rd group of survivors who are working hard to achieve their goals and be released to follow their dreams!

  • Here we grow again with an independent living program!

    The ultimate goal is to see these young women released into a life a freedom and fulfillment. House of Hope's Independent Living Program allows us to work with young women age 18+ who need the services we provide in order to enjoy success and not return to victimization in the sex industry.

    Learn more about our Independent Living Program here

Our Founder

Darcelle Burandt, LPC


Several years ago, I began to sense a calling to become a part of the solution to this ongoing and overwhelming issue facing us in our generation. It is with both a broken heart and great joy that I present to you the House of Hope – a residential program with curriculum designed to integrate mind, body and spirit that will renew, restore, and then release (into true freedom) the lives of these precious girls, offering them a future filled with hope.

House of Hope is a dream and a calling that is now a reality thanks to the generosity of family, friends, and this amazing community in the Golden Isles of Coastal Georgia and our friends and partners throughout the US and beyond!