Our Partners Have Doubled Their Impact and You Can, Too!

House of Hope continues to operate at full capacity during these challenging times. Seeing their impact through their partnership in 2020 with their $10,000 match, local partners, Donna MacPherson and Buddie Daneil have DOUBLED their financial contribution and invite you to do the same. 

By donating during these two weeks of this campaign, every dollar you donate will be matched 100% up to $20,000!

Donna MacPherson, the owner of The Golden Isles Olive Oil Co in Redfern Village on SSI and Buddie Daniel, owner of Velocity Zone Fireworks in Brunswick are offering this incredibly generous match! Donna and Buddie have been tremendous and faithful supporters of House of Hope from the very beginning. We can't say enough about them, and our words fail to adequately express our sincere gratitude!

Thank you for helping us continue meeting the needs of the girls who call House of Hope home for up to a full year while they work through the program here that your generosity helps to provide.

GEM Circle: 

monthly partners (Giving every month)

We invite you to partner with our 12-month, therapeutic group home setting where these girls are offered: safety, security, trauma-informed care by trained professionals, education via accredited home study curriculum, individual and group therapy, job skills and life skills training...

and so much more!