the team

House of Hope is 501(3)c faith-based therapeutic safe house with a 12-month program—a place of refuge and recovery— for girls ages 12-18 who have been traumatized by sex trafficking or are at risk of becoming sex trafficking victims. House of Hope is licensed by the State of Georgia as a CCI (Child-Caring Institute) and is both a MWO (Maximum Watchful Oversight) designation by OPM and a DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking) designation by Georgia Cares and the CJCC (Criminal Justice Coordinating Counsel). HOH is willing to work with placing agencies to utilize our six therapeutic beds.

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Our operations/program team is made up of mental health professionals, teachers, mentors and volunteers who work with the girls in our program to provide safety, security and trauma-informed care that is vital to working with minors who have been designated as CSEC victims in the State of Georgia.

Our outreach team is made up of local professionals who work to educate the community by raising awareness, fundraising efforts, recruiting and training volunteers and donors, and applying for grants to fund this organization so that the programming team have everything they need to provide care for our residents.