it is an epidemic

“Human trafficking is the 2nd fastest growing industry in the world behind the drug trade.”

 (US Dept. of Justice, 2010)


Is this really happening in georgia?


Georgia is one of the most affected states regarding youth and sex trafficking. This home is in such desperate need because there are only 33 other beds available in Georgia for this specific form of trauma and they are all in the Atlanta area.

House of Hope is the only place in Coastal Georgia and SE Georgia with beds. This house is such a blessing for the girls since they do not need to be so far away from home and will allow for the possibility of family involvement."

- Darcelle Burandt, LPC, Founder and Director of House of Hope


Yes. It is happening here.

“The Governor saying today its a $290 million industry here in the state of Georgia. He's sending a message to those raking in the profits.

"We're gonna go after 'em," Kemp added.”